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Apple released the public version of iOS 13 beta 6


Just a few hours after the launch of the seventh beta version of iOS 13 for developers, Apple introduced the sixth for public testing. It can be installed by all users, without exception, who have been registered in the early access program and have installed active beta profiles on their devices. If you comply with these requirements, if you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, the update will be downloaded by air or, if you do not have such an opportunity, using iTunes.

iOS 13 beta 6 is a transshipment build, after which the number of subsequent beta builds will decline. Most likely, in total, we will see no more than 11 test updates before Apple releases the final version of the update at the September presentation.

What’s new in iOS 13 beta 6

  • Three additional sender blocking options appeared in the Mail settings;
  • The button for activating the night mode appeared in the screen brightness settings;
  • The transparency of folders on the desktop has changed;
  • When choosing desktop wallpaper, all photos from the device’s memory are now available;
  • In Safari, you can turn off the preview function;
  • The action panel (copy, cut, paste) is now called up by triple-clicking in any part of the screen;
  • The volume slider again consists of 16 gradations;
  • Added a new welcome screen to the Photos app and App Store.

How to install iOS 13 beta 6

If you want to install the public version of iOS 13 beta 6, you will need the following:

  • Keep a backup copy of all the data so that you can return to the original one if something goes wrong;
  • Go to the beta test registration site and log in using your Apple ID account;
  • Select the device on which you want to install the beta and download the beta profile;
  • Go to “Settings” – “Profile loaded” and install it;
  • Open the “Software Update” section and search for updates;
  • Install iOS 13 beta 6.

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