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Apple products discontinued in 2021


Apple is discontinuing its products in a very strange way. Sometimes the device has been in the lineup for several years, like the iPhone 11, which was released back in 2019, and is still on sale today. And sometimes the gadget is removed literally the next year, as happened with the iPhone X. With computers, the situation is not the best. Just recently, Intel-based Mac owners boasted of new machines, and now they are left with nothing, because the M1 slays them on the spot. Today I propose to sum up the small results of the year and discuss discontinued gadgets.

In this article, we will not touch on models such as the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, Apple Watch 6 , Pad mini 5th generation, and iPad 8th generation. Yes, they were removed, but it was quite natural: the Pro line is always updated every year, the iPad mini 5 with its frames and the Touch ID button is morally outdated, and the Apple Watch 6 is almost indistinguishable from the seventh.

iPhone XR discontinued

As soon as we were shown the brand new iPhone 13 in September, the XR was discontinued. I must say that the device was very decent. Many saw it as the best value for money among all iPhones . I fully support this opinion. The phone was super cool. Yes, the frames were too large, and there was only one camera, but even so, the kid coped well with all the tasks.

I’m sure the iPhone XR would have done great in 2021 and 2022. There are hardly any applications that he would not have pulled. It’s just that if the model had been left, the line would have become too large, and so the iPhone XR has been replaced by a slightly improved iPhone 11. I suggest XR owners not to worry: your phone will hold up without problems for a couple of years for sure.

Should you buy a HomePod

In early 2021, Apple announced that it would discontinue the full-size HomePod. Instead, the Cupertinos decided to focus on the HomePod mini.

Apple is easy to understand. Well, judge for yourself. A smart speaker cannot be a full-fledged speaker system for high-quality listening to music at home. The strength is simply not enough. And for other tasks, there is Siri, which is integrated into literally every gadget. Raised my wrist, you’re done.

At the recent presentation of the new HomePod mini, attentive users noticed that Apple is not positioning its gadget as a device for music. Rather, it is just a small addition to the ecosystem that will help with household chores. Therefore, the fact of excluding the classic HomePod speaker, in my opinion, is quite justified.

What is the iMac Pro for

Those who use the iMac Pro understand exactly why they purchased this device. Usually, professionals look closely at top-end Apple machines: people involved in video editing, designers and representatives of other creative professions, in which you simply cannot do without such a computer.

Apparently, Apple followed the same logic. Well, everything is also natural. To release a separate niche device only for those who are engaged in software professionally is very stupid when you can fit another model according to its characteristics. And those looking for even more performance can always buy the Mac Pro.

By the way, the iMac 27 ″ is almost the only model that has not yet been updated with a new architecture. We have previously written about the upcoming iMac 27 ″ , so we will wait for it in the spring of 2022.

Which iMac to choose

Apple discontinued the 21.5 ″ iMac in October 2021. Actually, there were no surprises here. It was replaced by a brand new iMac 24 ″ based on the M1, which surpasses the previous model in almost every way. Plus, it got new body colors, became much thinner and more powerful.

If you’re looking to buy an iMac for your home, it’s hard to find a better solution. Unlike the iMac 21.5 ″, the iMac 24 ″ will do most of the tasks you can put on it. Editing a simple YouTube video or working in Lightroom – no problem. With the previous iMac, things were not so smooth, after all, the jump from Intel to the M1 was significant. The author of Oleg Svirgstin said in his article that it is pointless to compare these two cars, because they are simply from different classes. Obviously, the iMac 24 ″ is an order of magnitude better.

In principle, a computer can handle literally everything that may be required of it in everyday life. And those who buy a computer for something more serious know exactly which one to choose.

Personally, I had no idea when Apple removed the iPhone XR. The device, in my opinion, was quite decent and could live for several more years for sure. What do you think? 

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