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Apple introduced watchOS 8 with almost no innovations


After iOS and iPadOS 15, at the most boring presentation in history, Apple presented watchOS 8. The new operating system for smartwatches turned out to be an even more boring update than updates for branded smartphones and tablets of the company. Honestly, at first, I did not even understand what could be written about here at all – the presentation of the wearable operating system was too crumpled. But, fortunately, I still scraped something.

New features in watchOS 8

First, Apple has updated the Breathe app, which teaches you how to breathe properly. It will now allow you to do home meditation workouts and relax more effectively than before. The application has learned to more accurately track the state of the user and give him advice appropriate to his state on building a respiratory model.

Secondly, in Cupertino, correspondence with loved ones has been made more convenient. For convenient typing of messages, watchOS 8 has a new adaptive keyboard that adjusts to your behavior and allows you to conveniently respond to incoming messages with stickers or funny gifs.

Thirdly, the developers have improved the Always-On Display mode, which displays information on the screen continuously, without allowing the clock to go out. It now works with music, maps and a calculator, giving you the ability to use them even in the background.

What’s new in watchOS 8


That, in general, is all. No, of course, there are very minor innovations, but they are so insignificant that if I had not mentioned them, nothing would have changed fundamentally:

  • Now you can share music through Messages;
  • OS tips are now available on watchOS;
  • Now you can set several timers at once;
  • Find My for Apple Watch now includes additional search tools;
  • Quick access to photos appeared;
  • Photos can now be shared using Messages and Mail;
  • Screensaver photos now support parallax.

In general, as you can see, in watchOS 8 itself, there is nothing interesting from the word at all. Apparently, Apple has prepared all the coolest innovations for the Apple Watch 7, which, according to rumors, will learn how to measure blood sugar in a non-invasive way and may even be able to track the user’s mental state.

But watchOS 8 is great because it doesn’t hang the Apple Watch Series 3 too much. As you probably remember, the third generation of Apple smartwatches suffers from problems with updating due to a lack of regular storage. Just 8 GB is not enough for automatic updates, and users have to reset the clock to factory settings, and then roll the backup again.

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