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Apple has released iOS 15.5 beta 2. What’s new?


Today, two weeks after the release of the first iOS 15.5 beta, Apple released the second. The latest build was released only for developers and users with the appropriate profiles, without which it will be impossible to install the update. By default, access to such profiles is paid, however, if you can’t wait to install the update on your device and test it, at the end of the article we will tell you where to get them and how to bypass Apple’s restrictions on access to pre-release versions of the company’s operating systems.

The functional composition of iOS 15.5 beta 2 can hardly be called rich. Despite the fact that the update still contains some innovations, it’s hard to call them other than purely cosmetic. Because they actually do not carry any practical value in themselves. So let’s hope that in the next beta versions that will be released in the future, something will change for the better.

New Features in iOS 15.5

The main package of innovations contained in iOS 15.5 beta 2 is centered around the Wallet app:

  • Changed the design of the buttons for requesting and sending money via Apple Cash;
  • The physical Apple Card is now referred to as the Titanium Card;
  • Apple Pay as part of the Messages app is now Apple Cash;
  • iTunes Pass cards are now referred to as “Apple Account Cards” when added to Wallet.

That’s all. Generally speaking, not bad. So far, there are not even small features that could be actively tested in iOS 15.5. On the one hand, this can be considered the norm, because Apple usually does not introduce key innovations in the first beta versions. But, on the other hand, the company most often either warns about them in advance or leaves some references to upcoming functions in early builds, which are a kind of basis for them.

Will iOS 15.5 be the last version of iOS this year? Most probably not. Recently, Apple releases 7-to 8 functional updates for its mobile OS per year. Therefore, it is quite possible to count on at least one or two, or even three updates. Another question is what new they will be able to bring. After all, looking at the current updates, one gets the full impression that Apple respects the form, but does not think about the content.

How to install iOS 15.5 beta 2

Be that as it may, you can test iOS 15.5 beta 2 right now. Moreover, anyone can do this by installing a beta profile for developers. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Follow this link and download the profile for iOS 15;
  • Go to “Settings” – “Profile loaded” and install it;
  • Open the “Software Update” settings section and search for updates;
  • Download iOS 15.5 beta 2 and install it on your device after backing it up.

Keeping a backup is a must before installing any unstable version of iOS. Firstly, it will save you from losing data if something goes wrong during the update. And, secondly, when you want to roll back to a stable version of the operating system, you can return to where you started, having received the device in the same form as it was before installing the iOS 15.5 beta build.

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