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Android downturn is not for iPad


All Android- flags have traditionally been compared with actual iPhones for a whole year. Apple over the decades of its history has repeatedly created not just trends, but new popular categories of devices. The screens of smartphones, which at first were miniature, became large at first, and then truly gigantic. This leads to lower demand for tablets. Why this trend does not affect the iPad, offered by Apple? After all, smartphones running Android are much more common than fairly expensive iPhones.

For most users, the next message about the drop in the supply of tablets, which repeats from year to year, will not come as a surprise. Ro (Ro) in a note published by with reference to, notes that, according to analysts, 141 million tablets will be sold in 2019. In 2021 – 2013, all vendors will collectively supply approximately 120 million mobile devices in this category.

Why are tablet shipments reduced?

One of the most significant reasons for the decline in interest in tablet computers is the widespread adoption of smartphones with ever-increasing dimensions of their displays. This leads to the absorption of sales of tablets because modern smartphones sometimes even complete the screens, the size of which diagonally is more than seven inches. The expected decline in the supply of tablets in the future is 2% -3% per year.

Vendors strive to maintain the attractiveness of small tablets through lower prices. The only segment of the market for devices in this category that could potentially grow is sales of tablets with more than 9-inch screens.

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The reasons why the slowdown in the supply of Android-tablets does not affect the iPad

Additionally, it is noted that this general trend for the market does not affect Apple and its devices in this category. The attractive reason for consumers is the presence of a relatively affordable iPad line and, in general, a longer “life cycle” of these tablets in comparison with their alternatives running the Android operating system.

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