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6 worst products Apple has ever put out


In general, it is impossible in principle to list five, ten, or, for example, a hundred worst Apple products and convincingly prove that they are the worst. Moreover, in a short publication. Apple had a lot more of the worst products, and if we include all the products that were “not very good” at some stage of their development, it would be impossible to finish listing them. Do you know why the worst Apple products are remembered right now? Because Apple turned 45 on April 1.

The dozens of worst include the third-generation iPod Shuffle, the 2013 Mac Pro, the Apple USB mouse dubbed the “hockey puck” and many more creations of the apple genius. With the fact that these are not the most successful creations of Apple, I agree. Not everyone liked the 2013 Mac Pro, like me. But it was pretty good, until it needed to be updated. Due to poor construction (and design), this proved to be impossible. He was definitely not the worst. The public mixed the round Apple USB Mouse with dirt, but those who did not find anything wrong with it did not write anything about it on forums and blogs, and there were quite a few of them. The ideas embodied in the iPod Shuffle 3G were crazy and not everyone understood them, and Shuffle 3G was organic and natural against this background. And successful: it was produced from March 2009 to September 2010, was in demand, appearing in the top ten worst Apple products surprises me. And among the worst Apple products that have been apparently unsuccessful for a while, apart from Apple Maps andMacBook Air , there was also a Macintosh with an iPod.

AirPods Max Smart Case – the weirdest case

Knowing how seriously Apple takes decisions about releasing anything, down to the smallest details (like all sorts of stupid adapters), I don’t understand how this miracle ended up on the shelves. The first full-size Apple headphones were not very well received by the public, during their short life a lot of troubles happened to them, they need to work on themselves and change something – but they proved their right to life. But the “smart case”, the design of which is bewildering , and the quality is a lot of questions, this is one of the worst Apple products in its entire history.

iPod Hi-Fi – a speaker with mediocre sound

Whenever Apple makes a decision that we don’t like, we immediately think of Steve Jobs. With him, they say, this would not have happened. But Steve had many more mistakes and bad ideas than the same Tim Cook or some John Scully. For example, on February 28, 2006, at Apple Town Hall (on campus on Infinite Loop), Steve showed off a piece he put his heart into. Portable iPod speaker weighing 7.7 kg with a rather strange design. And it cost a whopping $ 349.

There were enough similar boomboxes on the market, including those with fairly good sound quality, and they were cheaper. The Apple trademark and the iconic iPod name didn’t help. The sound quality of the iPod Hi-Fi was by no means Hi-Fi. A year later, the iPod Hi-Fi was removed from the company’s product list – the number of devices sold is unknown, but there were very few of them. Worse? Yes.

MacBook butterfly keyboard – major failure of the decade

Jonathan Ive, John Ternus, and some of the best in the Industrial Design team have a hand in the development of this keyboard. They were challenged to create the world’s thinnest, most advanced, and perfect laptop keyboard in the world. A lot of time and effort was spent on her creation, and if it were not for her fantastic, and not defeated, unreliability, she would have had a chance. Getting used to it required efforts on oneself, after which they were delighted with it. Not all, but many.

While she worked, she was praised. One thing that was left out is that Apple takes cleanliness in the workplace very seriously. And in the big world, this is a problem. The slightest contamination damaged the keyboard, often permanently. As a result, the world’s most advanced keyboard has become one of the worst Apple products ever.

iPod Socks – socks for iPod

In December 2004, before Christmas, “iPod socks” appeared on the shelves of Apple retail and online stores. Woolen, cute, six pleasing colors protective covers for iPod. They were sold in sets of six, for $ 29. They did protect the iPod from scratches, more or less. Against other dangers, they were useless. They were sold very sluggishly, nevertheless, they were sold for almost 8 years . They say that Steve Jobs was involved in their appearance on the shelves. This is a rumor, but similar to the truth. In 2012, they disappeared from the shelves – and no one regretted them.

eWorld is Apple’s most disastrous service

In listing the terrible sins Apple has committed in its 45 years, eWorld , .Mac and MobileMe are almost certainly mentioned in the dozens of the worst products of the company . Before Steve Jobs invented iCloud, Apple had failed communications services. Actually, AppleLink, one of the most important components of eWorld, was successful – the first message from orbit was sent using AppleLink, but eWorld did fail.

The service was not cheap and limited, but very charming. eWorld was loved. When it was permanently shut down at one minute of the night PST on March 31, 1996, eWorld was used by either 147,000 or 155,000 people. Total. Apple’s next communication projects (.Mac and MobileMe) failed due to lack of adequate leadership. They were not the worst Apple products, they were ingeniously conceived, but due to the stupid organization of development and unnecessary haste, they were never brought to mind. iCloud was not invented and developed by Steve Jobs, but Eddie Cue and the same engineers who created .Mac and MobileMe were developed under Steve’s supervision.

Apple III is the most problematic Mac

To one day save Apple Computer from certain doom, Steve had to endure painful setbacks. In which, and he knew it perfectly well, he was the only one to blame. If it hadn’t been for the Apple III fiasco, the Macintosh would have been a fiasco . The Apple III was conceived as a powerful office computer that builds on the fantastic success of the Apple II. Steve decided to give up fans – and insisted on it. The design of the Apple III was advanced for 1980, but due to overheating, the boards did not stick in the connectors. The problems with the Apple III were over the top, Steve was not suitable for the role of project manager. About a year later, the Apple III was once again presented to the public. All problems were fixed (it was easy to find their reasons), but due to bad fame it was not bought.

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