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6 Familiar Android Apps Used by Pro Bloggers


Android operating system is best and attractive mobile operating system. Its user interface and usability attracted many peoples. Bloggers are ahead in using android OS on their mobile. Usually, blogging is the work of intense concentration. It can be done via use of comfortable workstations or gadgets. Android enabled smartphones and tablets grabbed this space. Many of the bloggers manage their blogs from their smartphones.

I am also one of them. When i don’t have access to my desktop or laptop, i use my android smartphone. Yeah! My smartphone helps me to manage my blog and other social things very easily. There are many apps specially designed for bloggers. These apps are very useful if you are a blogger.

I personally use them and do all things to manage my blog. Here, i have compiled list of awesome apps, that will help you to manage your blog with your smartphone.

1) Blogger:-

This app grabbed first position in our list. Many of you have blogs on Blogger. This app helps you to publish small posts, manage your previously posted articles. Although, this app alone is not much managing entire blog, but helps you to publish simple articles and editing older posts.

2) WordPress App:-

WordPress is more awesome than blogger. So its android app too. WordPress android app is much more better than blogger app. You can do almost anything on WordPress app. It is much easy to publish a new post, drafting a post. Also you can add images, SEO optimize your post with WordPress.

WordPress app is fully functional and you can manage your WordPress blog easily.

3) Google Analytic:-

Google Analytic is the most reliable and accurate traffic stats dashboard. It is much easier yo use its android app. It almost have all features like Analytic desktop version.  You can view traffic overview, bounce rate, real time traffic stats, coversion, traffic sources, etc.

4) SwiftKey Keyboard:-

Typing from touch screen phones is not much easy if you are new user. SwifKey keyboard app helps you to type without any spelling mistake. Its next word prediction feature is more than awesome. It predicts next word you are going to write. And for your info, this post is written on android smartphone with SwiftKey keyboard and WordPress app.

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5) Google Inbox:-

Google inbox is another special app from Google Team. It is a simple and clutter free email inbox app. Its easy and simple interface will help you to read and reply your important emails easily. This app is invite only as it is in beta stage. But you can request one easily.

6) Writer for Android:-

Writer android app is notebook for writers. You can write drafts with this app and later copy paste to publish it on your blog. This app is only created to write your drafts. Its distraction free interface helps you to focus only on writing.

Note:- To download those app just click the title name of the applications 😀

Hope this article ends up with an informative share! If you feel that I’ve missed any app then do share with us in comments below. Please do share and make us grow ASAP 😀 Thanks 🙂


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