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5 smartphones to avoid


The smartphone market is huge: when we talk about devices, we mean not only new ones but also those that were in use. This is both good and bad: you can buy a smartphone much cheaper, saving money, which cannot be much, but also buy illiquid assets. By illiquid it is important to understand not only gadgets in poor condition but also those with which something is clearly wrong. Do not think that it is really possible to immediately see it with the naked eye, because many flaws can be hidden and will make themselves felt during operation. Perhaps at the most inconvenient moment. We have selected the most subtle types of smartphones that you should probably avoid.

Deceased person’s phone number

Let’s start right off the bat. Would you use anything of a person who left our world? I doubt anyone would have liked it. Yes, there are some pleasant things that remain in memory: they are on the shelf, it is pleasant to look at them and occasionally touch them.

But a smartphone is the thing that, whatever one may say, you use every day. Probably, in terms of frequency of use, it can be compared to clothing. Why not use such a device?

Firstly, it may contain the data of the deceased owner – it is at least unethical to recognize them. Secondly, if you are already going to use the phone of a loved one who is gone, then clean it from the outside: traces of use or even particles of another person’s skin remain on the surface, and the smell of perfume may not disappear for some time. Thirdly, superstitious people are right about something: there may be negative energy in such things. But it’s up to you to decide.

Stolen smartphones

We often write about how not to lose your smartphone, as well as how to find it if you lost it , and what to do if you find someone else’s phone . But a stolen phone that somehow ended up in your possession is something new. Let’s say you didn’t steal it, but you were offered to buy such a device for ridiculous money. Why is it a bad idea to use it?

  • Smartphones have a bunch of remote locking features . Even if you use it, then, most likely, at one moment the former owner will come to his senses and block him.
  • You don’t know what happened to this phone . There is a possibility that he is evidence in some kind of crime. By formatting it, you complicate the process of solving the case.
  • The phone may belong to a dangerous person . And he will not care that you did not know about it: you can simply face surveillance or threats. You will be left without money, without a phone and you will get unnecessary problems. Do you need them?

Refurbished smartphones from China

Internet sites are full of advertisements for the sale of flagship smartphones at a low cost. A blind purchase is a lottery, . And buying a phone that has been repaired on the knee is even more so. There is no clarity about how the repairs were made, what parts were used. Perhaps such a device will serve you for a long time, and you will not experience problems.

Or you can pay a lot of money for something that fails in a couple of months. By the way, it is better not to consider such devices as a gift: it is one thing when you buy a low-quality restored smartphone for yourself, and another for a loved one. Perish yourself, and help your comrade out . In this case, saving is definitely not worth it.

Defective smartphone

You’ve probably seen deals for discounted smartphones. This is very profitable, but such devices need to be thoroughly studied: sometimes sellers cut the warranty on them, making a nice discount, but it all depends on the defect. For example, you can safely buy a smartphone in a crumpled box 

Gray smartphones

Smartphones imported into our country without paperwork do not pass registration and will be considered “gray”. They are cheaper than those that are officially sold. The biggest risk is the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty. Repairs from the seller may turn out to be of poor quality. And the device itself may turn out to be unsuitable for our country and will require flashing and other unnecessary fuss: for example, the lack of a language or software for another state. All these nuances should be clarified before buying.

We hope our little guide to smartphones that is best to avoid will help you. Make the right choice and don’t go after savings: do you remember who pays twice?


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