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5 reasons why I chose iOS over Android


In early January, it will be 5 years since I bought my first iPhone . I bought a low-quality smartphone, slightly overpaid, but for all the time it did not disappoint me. Despite the fact that even then they looked askance at the iPhone 6 Plus and considered it not the most successful Apple smartphone, it was a completely new experience for me. Before that, I had been using Windows Phone for 5 years: if Nokia Lumia had not been out of order right before the New Year, my acquaintance with iOS would have happened much later. I have no regrets: life has shown that the iPhone is the best choice. Let’s go back to 2017 for a while: I’m telling you why I chose the iPhone over the Android smartphone.

iPhone interface

Until the moment I bought the iPhone 6 Plus, I only used Symbian, Windows Phone, and a little e-book on Android. You see, after 5 years with Microsoft’s OS it is very difficult to choose a new smartphone. In comparison, a change of place of residence suggests itself: what to do with yourself, leaving your home is not very clear. The same thing happened to me in early January 2017.

I did not dare to buy a new smartphone on Windows Phone: even then the system began to bend slowly, people fled from it like from a sinking ship, and it was not entirely reasonable to spend money on Microsoft Lumia 950. Considering the fact that the e-book on Android was quite problematic, and the OS was not impressive, iOS seemed to me the most understandable, although it was not devoid of shortcomings. Thanks to this, I got used to it very quickly – just like when I got acquainted with Windows Phone.

iTunes for iPhone

Despite the fact that many people hate iTunes (and I, too), especially for Windows, I had experience with this program by that time. For two years I was transferring music to my iPod Shuffle and got used to how things worked. Apple’s player played an important role: the iPhone 7 was just released without a headphone jack , which meant you could easily switch between iPod and iPhone.

ITunes had a lot of cool features back then, and what impressed me most was the ability to create a backup. Unfortunately, on Windows Phone, this feature was implemented as poorly as possible. Getting to know iTunes was critical when choosing an iPhone.

Battery in iPhone

2017 is the time when they joked about the autonomy of Android smartphones , probably, in general, everything for years to come. This Android flagship is now capable of working longer , although it still loses to the iPhone. And in those days it was quite normal to sit with Samsung near the outlet. The iPhone did a great job: even then it had a smaller battery capacity, but the iOS optimization and the processor’s energy efficiency made it possible to use the smartphone for a long time.

Compared to Nokia Lumia – heaven and earth. My Windows Phone smartphone was discharged in a couple of hours after launching the game and the player at the same time. I was scared of repeating the same scenario with an Android smartphone, knowing that my boss kept his Samsung charged all the time. With the iPhone, none of my friends had such problems – another reason why I chose iOS.

iCloud in iPhone

I didn’t understand Android at all, but I knew a thing or two about the Apple device ecosystem. For example, what an iCloud account gives. The year before, I sold my iPad 4 after backing up my photos, games, and other important documents. I really wanted to use this function again, especially when all the data is in the smartphone.

Windows Phone had problems with this: if you want to transfer data to a new smartphone, you will have to suffer. Lots of. Considering that, according to my friends, it was necessary to recover data in Android through a stump deck, iOS again won.

IOS settings on iPhone

The first versions of Windows Phone did not have a lot of settings – for this the OS was disliked by everyone, and the owners were considered insane. Over time, it became more interesting to customize Lumia: first Windows Phone 8.1, then Windows 10 got interesting chips, but they were all within reason. Android still has a lot of different options and switches to this day – I still get confused about the Android TV settings on my TV .

I wanted something simpler, a smartphone in which it was enough to set a cute wallpaper for the screensaver – the iPhone 6 Plus was perfect for this. By the way, I still practically don’t change anything in the iOS settings , because everything works fine anyway.

Windows Phone was a special operating system that I remember with a kind word. But iOS was the most suitable for me, in some moments they even somewhat resembled each other. The same thing is happening now: take a look, now there are widgets, tiles in iOS .

Tell us in the comments why you chose iOS over Android.

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