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5 reasons NOT to buy OnePlus 9 Pro


The OnePlus 9 Pro is highly regarded by those who have used it or at least tested it. Only he could not find complete understanding from the audience. It has its drawbacks, and many experts even put it below the 8 Pro in the rating of preferences. Despite this, there are not so many serious shortcomings in the phone, but they do exist, and they do not allow recommending it for purchase. In this article, we will try to disassemble the reasons why it is better to bypass this smartphone. You might think that there is only one reason – the price, but it is not. And without this, the novelty has enough reasons to alienate its customers. If these reasons do not put you off, then you are a dedicated fan of the company and are ready to accept whatever it does. This is usually the case with Apple and Sony fans.

OnePlus 9 Pro camera

The camera is what has been most anticipated from the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. Hasselblad has become a good partner in this endeavor. It was with the help of its specialists that the creators of OnePlus were able to do what its products lacked – the normal color rendering of the camera.

But the pictures weren’t perfect anyway, and the camera is in many ways inferior to much cheaper models. For example, many experts agree that the OnePlus 9 Pro in mixed mode shoots even worse than the much cheaper Pixel 4a. How is this possible? It’s simple – Google is much smarter about using its camera, which even stands far behind the newest sensor.

Note that the OnePlus 9 camera cannot be called a failure. It shoots pretty well overall, but at this price, you can find a phone that can handle it even better. For example, at over $ 1,000, the 9 Pro should represent something on par with the market-leading phones (like the S21 Ultra), but it just has nothing to stand up to those models.

The phone gets very hot

While the OnePlus 9 Pro is still a newcomer to the market, there has already been a significant amount of user reviews claiming that the phone gets very hot even with normal use such as taking photos.

However, the problem does not affect everyone. But this only makes it worse. If all the phones were warmed up, one could say that this is how it should be, but here it looks more like some kind of constructive miscalculation.

This heat issue could be related to the Snapdragon 888, but there is not enough evidence to blame Qualcomm yet. At this point, it is more likely that the problem is caused by the phone software, meaning that a firmware update might eventually fix it.

The good news is that OnePlus is aware of these issues and is trying to do something about it. And if you are reading the article a few weeks or months after it was released, then the problem may have already been fixed.

Upgrade issues

From time to time, OxygenOS gives occasion to praise itself for its relatively clean interface and the user-friendly features it has to offer. However, the OnePlus’ Android update policy is becoming more and more sluggish. As new phones emerge, older flagships tend to lose their position on the priority list and often fade into oblivion without any security updates for months.

Even when the company thinks about its devices and releases updates for older models, they often come out with a lot of errors.

Samsung has said it will be rolling out some updates for its smartphones over the next 4 years. This applies to models that have come out in the last couple of years. Nokia, which is generally famous for its updates and the speed of their release, promised a similar thing. Many attribute OnePlus to this company, but it is included in it very conditionally. She has something to add to make the updates even better. In the meantime, spending a lot of money on an expensive phone that won’t last you long is hardly worth it. Moreover, there are more affordable OnePlus Nord N100 and OnePlus Nord N10, which we wrote about earlier.

The battery is not working well

While the 4,500mAh battery size seems decent enough for a modern phone, the large, high-resolution, high refresh rate display leaves no trace of that capacity. Of course, fast charging can help here, but not everything is so smooth.

In the absence of an outlet, autonomy is important. But even this is not such a big problem as the inability to predict when the smartphone will finally go dead. This is the OnePlus 9 Pro’s big problem. Sometimes he has enough of her for the whole day, and sometimes he does not even have enough until the evening.

Although this can also be corrected with a software update, it still suggests that the smartphone came out too “raw” and should have been better modified before being released to the market.

In-screen fingerprint scanner

Let’s skip the discussion of whether it’s good to have an in-screen fingerprint reader. Many people don’t like this, especially if they have a Samsung smartphone. Even if it’s Galaxy S21 or Galaxy A52

It might sound like a nitpick, but such little things often affect the overall experience of a smartphone. Especially if you are used to the higher position of the fingerprint scanner. The sensor on the 9 Pro is much closer to the bottom edge than on previous OnePlus models. This forces the finger to bend too much and risk dropping an expensive device. A slippery glass back only exacerbates this problem and puts you at even greater risk.

Until a few years ago, excellent value for money was the biggest selling point of OnePlus phones. At the moment, it seems that we are paying for a convenient mute switch. Even cooperation with Hasselblad did not help the new product justify its price. Many even say that the Chinese brand has humiliated such a big name. The OnePlus 9 Pro may still have enough pros, but it also has enough cons. Apparently, the company just rushed to release it.


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