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5 Perfect Grammar Checker Apps for Android


Without better communication we can’t survive in this world. And for the communication, we can go for the global language. Yes! I’m talking about English. This can be used in various purpose while studying, on business and for more communication purpose. Try a new unique essay checker on Grammar Checker Apps :So while communicating with others you need to concentrate on English Grammar. Most of them are weak on it! Such small mistakes may turn the sound of English not worthy. If you’re better in that, then you can survive in this globe and even you can impress others too!

Communication skills should be developed more during interview time. It should be so professional in the way you talk and you need to know write them exactly without any grammatical errors. So if you do so, then your HR may give you chance to join their team. So how you develop the English more fluently? If you go to the Spoken English class in this era, people may look differently on you! So how you can Learn English in this technology world? If you ask such questions, then my answer will be simple!

Grammar Checker Apps

Grammar Checker Apps

Just Google it 😛 Learning English is your part! There are many online resource who are ready to guide you on this case. Now find them and start learning it! whats this post gonna be? This is just about making your English grammar checker better by checking with some awesome Android Grammar Apps. Surely these tools gonna to help you better while learning English!

Wanna to improve your English grammatical skills? Then check & Try out these 5 best grammar checker Apps for Android  mentioned below,

#1 Grammar Checker Academic


As the name implies this app is mainly developed for checking your grammar errors. You can call this as Grammar checker dictionary too! The best part here will be its User Interface. Grammar Checker Academic can guide you better and that simplifies your way of English Learning. You can learn everything about verbs and nouns. It covers all some most important topics like article, adverbs, adjectives, clauses, subjects and more. You can use this tool as Spell checking tool and as grammar checker tool too!

Download Grammar Checker Academic App#2 Oxford grammar and punctuation


Oxford Grammar and Punctuation app is the most used grammar app on Android devices. With this tool you can check the grammar errors and learn more about grammar with additional tips & illustrations. The whole entire setup will be arranged in alphabetical order. Here more than 250 easily explained grammar questions are stored with quick access to answer to your questions too. Well explained about grammatical terms and more. The best part will here its Word of the Days shown on your Home Screen.

Download Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

#3 Ginger Grammar App


Ginger app is the best app to use to get rid of grammatical errors while texting to other. This app comes out with good looking Keyboard and with page application. While messaging it would suggest the alternative keywords as suggestion for your message. So this make to text you fast and perfect without any errors. This app is capable to translate your messages to more than 40 different languages. You can find more while experience it on your device.

Download Ginger Grammar App.

#4 English Grammar


Like other apps English Grammar bring you better output in the case we’re talking from the first! Here you can grow you knowledge in english with more fun. The best part will be its features. English Grammar got many good features such as leader board, saved game, comparing with your friends score and more. The UI is great which is well optimized for your gadgets. Some service are not offered, but those are available in premium versions. Easy to synch your learning level between other Android devices.

Download English Grammar App

#5 Spell Checker Pro


And Spell Checker Pro is listed in this list! This app claims to be best grammar app for English, Espanol, Italiano, Deutsch, Svenska, Polski, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Turkish. Here you can Check and correct your spelling mistakes in few clicks. This app got over 20K premium active users. The best part on Spell Checker pro will be its Voice integration feature. Users can text via voice and with a long press the search button can check and correct the spelling. There is no character limits and its Free ads service. There are still much more features enabled here. So try it on your device ASAP!

Download Spell Checker Pro

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Whats your point of views about these English Grammar Checkers Android Apps? My best advice will be on How to improve English without doing anything? In that case, I prefer to Best Movie streaming sites or downloaded movies right from my PC.  Try to go for Hollywood movies and watch first by using English subtitles. Then try to understand without subtitles. These things can improve your english ASAP ;)Do share it and share your experiences in comments below! Cheers 🙂

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