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5 features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra that are missing in the iPhone


No matter how badly you feel about Android devices, Apple clearly can learn from them some innovations. From year to year, Samsung and other companies present in their new smartphones different chips that would not interfere with the new iPhone. No, there will be no talk of a folding iPhone today, because everything is clear here. The technology has not been tested, so far such devices do not differ in their quality, so let’s leave these ideas for three years. Today we’ll talk about those chips that have been on Android for a long time and have proven themselves very successfully.

Every year, the line between iPhone and Android smartphones is blurring. Just yesterday, everyone beat their chests and said that the iPhone is a phone for people of high social status, and today Samsung is almost the same. Yesterday everyone said that Android devices run out of battery quickly, and today the iPhone SE 2020 has a 1821 mAh battery. Maybe these features will someday reach the top iPhones?

Frameless iPhone

When we were first shown the iPhone X, there were already quite a few devices with this design on the market. And despite this, the brand new ten seemed to be something breakthrough. Since then, 5 years have passed. Yes, the bezels have been reduced even more in the iPhone 13, but if you pick up the Samsung Galaxy S22 , I personally still feel its superiority.

If we talk about dry numbers, then in S22 Ultra the screen area is 89.87%, and in the top iPhone – 86%. Yes, this is largely the merit of the camera of the Korean gadget. It is quite possible that in the next model Apple will abandon the bangs, and everything will fall into place, but for the time being, I would give a point to Samsung for the screen.

iPhone without bangs

Just don’t tell me that everyone is used to bangs, the iPhone is recognizable thanks to it, and stuff like that. Yes, recognizable, but there are still a lot of other ways on the market to make the front panel of a smartphone not like everyone else. What’s stopping Apple from designing its own unique peephole design? So I think it’s nothing.

The bangs do not annoy me in any way, but for 5 years I have become cornily tired of it. Every year we are shown the same thing, passing off the old as the new. Plus, judging by the iPhone 13, which was released with a smaller fringe, Apple is working on it and understands the problem. In general, I am sure that in the near future we will say goodbye to bangs.

Touch ID on iPhone

Not so long ago you about why the new iPhone will not have Touch ID. And you know, I think Apple is reinventing the wheel again. They are rolling out some new unlocking functions in a mask, brazenly dragging Apple Watch to this chip. I have one question for the Cupertino team – why?

Understand, it’s not even the lack of Touch ID as such that is annoying, but the lack of an alternative. Samsung like: do you want face to unlock? Please. If you don’t want to, the fingerprint scanner will help you. Do you understand? These users have options, but you and I don’t. Tell me, hand on heart, don’t you yourself want to have an imprint?

Apple Pencil for iPhone

Everyone knows that Jobs did not like styluses and believed that they had no place in Cupertino. But few people know that he considered the 3.5-inch diagonal to be ideal for one-handed control. I personally do not even expect a separate stylus for the iPhone, but if my Apple Pencil from iPad could work on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I would not refuse such a luxury at all.

Just imagine. The Apple Pencil 3 will add a function button. It will be possible to pause movies from it and use it as a remote control, on the iPhone it will be possible to conveniently work with drawing applications and other programs that designers and artists need. Plus, you can enable such support only on the largest model, so that it sells better. Those who need it will buy the top, those who do not have other smartphones.

How to get AirPods as a gift

My friend has long been hooked on the Samsung Galaxy and is updated every year literally on the day the sales start. Every time this guy comes to visit me and starts uploading about free Galaxy Buds and other promotions that take place in the first months after the release. I boldly declare to him that I also purchased my AirPods for 0.00 rubles, but, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such.

If anyone didn’t know, every year Apple holds a “Back to School” promotion, thanks to which students, their parents and teachers can purchase Apple equipment at a discount and receive AirPods as a gift. The author of Ivan Kuznetsov devoted a separate article to such generosity of the Cupertino people. If you don’t know, check it out.

The trouble is that it is much easier to get headphones from Samsung. You do not need to provide any documents, you just need to place an order in the online store during the validity period of this offer and confirm the order to the call center operator. Apple does not respect such actions very much. Discounts on the iPhone and other products are very rare. But we in the editorial office and found such .

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