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5 Android features that should definitely come to iOS


iOS and Android are currently at such a stage of development that it becomes very difficult to come up with some really new features. Here a competitor can come to the rescue, from whom you can peep something interesting. I won’t be surprised if the next version of Android introduces the ability to set widgets on the lock screen or Google creates some kind of Live Activities equivalent. But Apple also has something to spy on Android. This is especially true for multitasking, which is very limited on the iPhone.

But the cool features of Android are not limited to multitasking alone. We collected five cool Android features that should definitely appear on iOS and make using Apple’s operating system much more convenient.

Remove excess from photo

Apple has always bragged about how many neural engine cores are in its processors and how neural networks work inside the iPhone. However, users could not see this work. And only this year, with the release of iOS 16, it became possible to select objects in photographs and images, which became a clear example of how the neural network inside the iPhone works.

But Apple could borrow a more interesting feature from Android. It is called a magic eraser and allows you to remove unnecessary objects from the image or people who accidentally fell into the frame. You just need to determine which object you want to remove, and the neural network itself will draw the desired background in its place. Of course, it doesn’t always work out perfectly, but more often than not, artificial intelligence hits the right colors and textures.

Split screen on iPhone

Apple has two really big screen devices in its iPhone lineup. These are the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Plus. Their 6.7-inch panel allows you to comfortably place two applications on the screen at the same time. But in iOS, this is not possible. While even cheap Xiaomi support it. At the same time, the iPad has an excellent Split View mode , which conveniently allows you to split the screen for two programs. Why doesn’t Apple implement the same feature on the iPhone.

With the ability to drag and drop files from app to app introduced in iOS 16 , this would be a very handy tool. Just imagine: at the top of the screen you open “Photo”, and at the bottom – Telegram and spread photos without unnecessary gestures to everyone who needs it. And you don’t even have to use your second hand. I use split screen on my Xiaomi to watch YouTube and work in another application. The picture-in-picture on my account doesn’t work, so this multitasking option helps a lot.

Sidebar with menu

Well, for the convenient addition of applications to the split-screen mode, it would be nice to make special side panels that have been in Samsung for a very long time. It doesn’t have to be Samsung. You can do something similar to the Dock in iPadOS, which can be called anywhere on the system and pull the application to the screen. Only for the iPhone, the option of opening it from below is not suitable due to its small size. So you need something on the side.

Its main advantage will be the quick launch of selected applications from anywhere in the operating system. Just imagine: you saved a photo that was sent to you via messenger. And there is no need to go to the desktop and look for the “Photos” application for further work with the picture. It is enough to pull out the sidebar and from here open the “Photos”. Very fast and without unnecessary movements.

Notification icons like on Android

iOS has a very good notification system, although even it needs a little work. How can you tell on iPhone that you have unread notifications? Go to the notification center or see the indicator on the application icon. Not the most convenient way, especially if the application is not on the desktop, but you need to look for it in the Application Library.

On Android, in addition to these methods, you can enable the display of an application icon that has unread notifications in the status bar. This is very convenient and allows you to see from anywhere in the operating system that you have notifications that are waiting for your attention. This is what the iPhone really lacks. Moreover, you can use Dynamic Island for this, which will have to appear in all iPhone 15 , and not just in Pro.

Cloning Apps on iPhone

The first iPhones with support for two SIM cards appeared in 2018. However, until now, you cannot create a separate application for each number. For example, iOS does not allow you to install two WhatsApp or Telegram on your smartphone. The same applies to banking applications. Something very unfinished. And it’s good that Telegram allows you to log into several accounts on one device. But in other situations, everything is very difficult.

You have to use different crutches, as is the case with WhatsApp. On Android, you can clone any application in a couple of clicks and use it for the second number. For anyone with more than one SIM installed, this is a really great solution and is sorely missed on iOS. Let’s hope that Apple will allow you to install multiple versions of the same program in iOS 17. After all, there are no real restrictions for adding this function.


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