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3 Reasons to Immediately Book the Next Blogging Conference


Spend any time reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, watching videos, or buying into information products about blogging and you’ll notice they usually always have on major strategy for building a brand & traffic in common: networking.

Conferences are the way to go in this regard:

  • You’ll meet and mingle with influencers
  • You’ll learn new tactics and strategies to grow
  • You’ll have an opportunity to promote products/services

Conferences are one big get-together that go beyond the scope of meeting others in your immediate area — they expand your reach.

Networking Potential

Bloggers that expect to make it big in their industry by going at it alone are somewhat delusional. Not to say that fame and fortune can’t be had from working solo but the chances are quite slim considering that reaching the same levels as the larger brands are often only possible if you build an alliance.

Big bloggers trade traffic with other big bloggers; it’s the reason why you see many of the same names appearing in podcasts, guest posts, and promotions.

It’s possible to build connections with big named bloggers through online communication, but it doesn’t have quite a substantial impact as if you were to make the connection face-to-face. You can have this face-time when attending conferences. There’s a bonus if the conference uses an event application such as DoubleDutch which, if configured correctly, can provide profiles and resources for interacting with others attending the conferences – think of it kind of like a real-time Rolodex as you’re wandering around the floor and making those connections.

Grow the Knowledge Base

Conferences are where you go if you want the biggest scoops into new industry strategies.

Blogs are free platforms so it makes sense that information being shared is often the type of content you can generally pick and learn by keeping up with others in your niche. At conferences, however, there is a monetary and egotistical need to perform for those that are headlining events and workshops which mean they need to bring something fresh and exciting to the table.

Getting the most out of conferences in terms of growing your knowledge can include:

  • Pacing your attendance to experience as much as possible
  • Attending the smaller meet-and-greets that happen between keynotes
  • Keeping good notes and condensing ideas so they’re not lost
  • Bringing the new strategies back and placing them into action

There’s going to be more information than you can manage but try your best to absorb it all. Put into action the strategies that make sense for your business and efforts.

Make Money

Sending traffic to your blog and growing its brand is only one equation as to why you’d want to attend a conference. The other half is the opportunity to make money when interacting with other individuals.

While you’re at the conference there are a number of ways to increase revenue:

  • Pitch your products and services directly to others in attendance
  • Work in a promotion by partnering with the conference
  • Develop joint venture partnerships to build new products or promote existing ones
  • Hold excusive, members only access to you and the conference while it’s happening

Ideas will naturally come your way when you realize you’re surrounded by others that want to grow their blog and are willing to pay for great services. The same can be said about your audience as they have the feeling of missing out to which you can tap by giving them a premium offer related to the conference or at least leverage off its brand.

Are you now fired up to get on out to the next blogging conference in your area?


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