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3 Logo Service That You May Consider


Want a Logo Service for branding your business? You need a logo but have no idea how to draw a logo? Or you are not a fan of the present logo on your WordPress blog, and decide to find one more suitable?

Set your mind at ease, like the saying goes “There is a will, there is a way”, and in this article, we are about to take you to a tour of reviewing and comparing the Top 3 favored logo services – DesignEvo, Tailorbrands and Adobe Photoshop. Each section will walk you through its key features of a specific service. Which one to choose? Your call.

No 1. Logo Service – DesignEvo.

DesignEvo is almost the most convenient online logo generator that we can ever find on the Internet. It offers up to 3000+ logo templates that are up to par and, of course, decent. It costs you the minimal time and efforts to customize a nice logo for your business online. A refresher course now! Take a look at TechOverall review on DesignEvo logo maker. We’ve selected out the best points for DesignEvo, that is, rich templates, resourceful & searchable fonts and icons, and innovative ways to preview a logo in real-life use. Best of best, DesignEvo is the easiest logo maker online. With DesignEvo, you can print a nicely-designed logo in just a matter of seconds.


Difficulty: 1 Star.

No 2. Logo Service – Tailorbrands.

As an alternative to DesignEvo, Tailorbrands gets its reputation thanks to applying AI algorithm. The developer of Tailorbrands finds a way to incorporate artificial intelligence into logo designs, putting AI technology into real usage. Type into a keyword in your mind, Tailorbrands will generate thousands of related logos for you in about 2-3 minutes. But its results are not always that perfect and satisfactory as you imagined. Its logos are generated by machine but not designed by a human, so there is no guarantee of logo quality. Technically, logos are presented in a random sequence, and it requires you to spend a certain amount of time in finding out a logo for your brand. Compared to DesignEvo, Tailorbrands offers more choices, is a bit more complex, and takes longer to design a wanted logo.

TailorBrands Logo Service

Difficulty: 2 Star.

No 3. Logo Service – Photoshop Logo Maker.

After listing two online logo makers, we’d like to return to a desktop application – Photoshop, the most common tool for graphic design. Unlike above tools, Photoshop has the full capability to design all kinds of logos as long as you are a skilled PS designer. You can add an amazing effect to your logo that is eye-catching and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Also, PS allows you to use your own photos in logo design. If you like to go on this path but don’t know where to start, check Make A Logo in Photoshop Tutorial and it won’t be that difficult.

Photoshop Logo Maker

Difficulty: 4.5 Star.


We believe the top three logo makers can help you put your ideas into real designs. Tools are not the essential factor for a successful logo, but your creativity is. Free your imagination and start to design your logo now.

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