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3 cool free apps that won’t let you get bored today


Every day we monitor the App Store and dozens of discount sites to select the best applications and publish here. Today you can download, perhaps, the best drawing application on the iPad (also free!), The most unusual game and … an application that will help you get out of quarantine with at least two press cubes. If you want to see all the free games and applications at a discount, at the end of the article you will find a link to our telegram channel with discounts. For many applications, the discount is only valid for a few hours, so it’s better not to waste time.


  • 1The best drawing app on the iPad
  • 2The most unusual game on the iPhone
  • 3IPhone Training App
  • 4All discounts on the App Store here – AppleInsider_sale

The best drawing app on the iPad

If you really miss such discounts, then it’s better not to download anything at all. A popular application for sketches and sketches, well imitating real materials, is available today for free. At any moment, the price will come back, so hurry up.

Name: Sketch Tree Pro
Price: Free (679 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

The most unusual game on the iPhone

You are a reaper and you need money. To solve this problem, you go to work in the prestigious Apocalypse company. You are a small employee, of whom there are thousands, and your task is to distribute people after death. Think it’s easy? Then try to work out the probationary period and curry favor with the bosses in the game “Peace, Death!”.

Title: Peace, Death!
Price: Free (379 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install


iPhone Training App

A well-made exercise guide and activity tracker for trainees. With such a discount, it’s a sin not to download. There, of course, there are built-in purchases yet, but without them, you can use this application. Sooner or later, you will have to quit quarantine, and it’s worth preparing for it now.

Name: Gymster +
Price: Free (149 rubles)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

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