10 Quick Tips to Use your Android Mobile Run Smoother & Faster

Smartphones became a part of our Lives these days. Increase in the Sales resulted in Increase in Production of Smartphones which are produced by many companies. Also the prices of the high end phones are being replaced by small budget phones and the production of those have reached the sky limit. But the costly high end phone owners regret because of the slower performance and even small budget phones are performing more than that. So there are many regretting points for buying High end Smartphones. All these can be replaced by following simple tricks thereby Making your Smartphone Faster and Smoother.So, we are here to provide you the Tips which may help you to Increase Speed of your Android Smartphone so as to Run Smoothly.

Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Software and Apps

Check for Updates which you receive from your servers regularly. There will be minor bugs which are being updated and which increase the Speed at times. SO, never neglect or go revert back to older versions as there will be bugs which cause functionality errors. Software updates tend to come OTA (Over The Air) and you should be automatically prompted to install them, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Go to Settings > About device > Software update and Check for Updates and update as soon as possible.

Also there will be Apps which are to be updated in Google Play Store Services. So, goto App Store, then to My Apps and Update Apps which you use. Though the size of the App may be more, Donot hesitate to Download as the previous Version faced some bugs and they will be fixed on Updates

Give Less Priority to Landscape Wallpapers & Least to Live Wallpapers

Wallpapers do play a Key Role in boosting up your Smartphone Device. Don’t prefer for Landscape Images and Extremely High End Wallpapers or Screensavers which have high resolutions and high memory intake.

Also, don’t use Live Wallpapers which can even reduce your Battery and also make your phone slow. Live Wallpapers are just meant for special Appearance on Screen when it’s idle. But Better not to prefer Live Wallpapers or GIF Images which affect the increase in speed of your mobile. Its better to stick to a Static Image which can be well performed on your Smart Device and Thus Increase the Speed.

Clean Up your Home Screen

You should clean away any unused icons and limit your widgets to the essentials. The less cluttered your home screen is, the better in terms of performance. Don’t Mess the Homescreen with all App Shortcuts and Widgets you are provided with.

Reduce the number of Apps and Widgets on your screen and make that free, So the Homescreen will be flexible and Smooth.

Turn off or reduce animations

Make your Android Smartphone feel snappier by reducing or Turning OFF some of Animations. All you need to enable Developer options in order to do this. Go to Settings > About phone and scroll down to the System section to look for Build number. Tap on it seven times and you should see a message about being a developer. You can now go back to the previous menu and you should see Developer options listed under System.

Head in there and scroll down to find Window animation scaleTransition animation scaleand Animator duration scale. Tap each in turn and set it to .5x or off. Pick an option and find out what suits you, if you don’t like just go back in and change the values again.

Disable & Uninstall Unused Applications

There are lots and lots of Apps which are to be download unnoticed and are installed without prior information. Also there will be apps which are to be downloaded for time being but of Large Size and occupies Cache Memory and RAM. Also RAM Utilization will be more if you install many Apps. So, you need to have more RAM or to Increase RAM

Click Here to Know How to Increase RAM of Android

Delete as many Unused And Unwanted Apps. This is very important by which you can Make ease interface with your Smartphone. Select the App which you won’t use and remove by clicking on Uninstall Button. Mak sure that the data is safe and is not Deleted. You can even uninstall multiple Apps by using Easy Uninstaller App where you can just select the Apps and Throw them away from your Smartphone.

Clear Cached App data

Cached data for apps help to load more quickly and increase the functionality of the App. It makes the App go faster. But it can build up over time to take up quite a lot of space. Also there will potentially be cached data in there for apps that you no longer use. Sometimes clearing cached data for an app can also help clear up flaky behavior.

 If you want to pick individual apps then head into Settings > Apps and slide over the All tab and tap on the relevant app then choose Clear cache. If you’ve decided to just clear the whole lot then go to Settings > Storage and tap on Cached data and then tap OK.

Prefer Third Party Launchers

Some of the customizations that OEMs make to their devices can be heavy-handed. Vexed up with using the same old default launcher? If you want to change the feel of navigating around, and tweak some settings to make it feel speedier, then you might find that a third-party launcher does the trick. Try out something like Nova Launcher, Buzz Launcher, or Apex Launcher. Experiment with the settings and you should find that your device feels a lot faster. Check the Top 10 Best Launchers for Android.

Limit or Disable Background Data (Reduce Auto Sync)

The Emails like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, backup app etc etc will always want to ping the Internet for data on a regular basis. All that syncing not only bites up your battery power, but also take up system resources and slows down your device.


There are some services you may want to sync in real time, but there are others you can check manually. For example, if you don’t need to be alerted the moment you get a Facebook notification or receive an email to your personal account, you can prevent those from connecting in the background.  Stop Auto Syncing and do a manual sync when you seriously need it.

You could go to Settings and find Auto-sync under Accounts and just turn it off altogether, but that will be too drastic for most people. Instead why not just reduce the sync frequency and remove any accounts you don’t really need? For a lot of apps, like Facebook, you’ll need to open up the app and find the settings to reduce the sync frequency.

Factory Reset your Smartphone When Needed

There will be a junk files ready to be accumulated in your phone which is so called as a dump file. This is just because the data which is stored in memory. So, its better to perform a factory Reset when you feel like its slowing down or getting struck frequently while playing high end games or running background applications.

 Go for Custom Rooting, ROMing

Risk takers and advanced users can also root their device , which will open the door to new features and even greater performance boosts. Rooting gives you the ability to overclock the device’s processor, install a custom ROM, and other things; however it also voids your warranty and could cause irreversible damage to the device.

Check How to Unroot your Android Device

Check Tips to Increase Battery Life

So, Follow the above 10 Tips to Increase the Speed of your Android. By following the above tips, your Android Device runs Faster and Smoother. If you have any doubts or Issues with your Android device, DO comment below. Any Tips and Tricks unmentioned are accepted.

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